Wolf Creek

Release Date: 12/25/2005 – Rated R

Plot Summary: Three twenty-somethings are spending their summer touring the Australian Outback.  Our group is made up of Australian city-boy Ben, and two British women named Liz and Kristy.  After spending the day hiking in Wolf Creek Park, they return to find that their brand new used car won’t start.  Lucky for them, a friendly man in a tow truck comes along and offers to take a look at their car.  Mick says he has the parts to fix it back at his place, which is a few hours away; so they all go back there and sit around a campfire while he works on their car.

Kristy awakens alone and bound in a shed.  She eventually frees herself and find Mick torturing Liz in another building.  After sneaking in to the building she shoots Mick and the two girls escape in his truck, only to come to a cliff a short time later.  They fake their deaths and return to the camp to try to find another car.  Kristy does manage to find a new vehicle, about a dozen of them, as well as the personal effects of the other people Mick has murdered.  This isn’t Mick’s first rodeo, it looks like he has been doing this for a while.  He catches her snooping around and puts an end to her.  Meanwhile Liz has made it to the highway and flagged down on old man in an even older car, be he is sniped from a distance and Liz is forced to flee in the junker.  Mick soon catches up with her and the expected happens.  You remember our buddy Ben right?  He has been crucified in a cave surrounded by savage dogs this whole time.  He is able to escape and gets picked up by some motorists some time later.  He goes to the police but they were never able to find Mick’s place, leaving him free to do what he does best.

Alex’s Thoughts:  While not a horrible movie, I’m just sick of this plot; I’ve just seen too many movies like this lately – group of kids make wrong turn and are murdered.  I guess I’m taking my rage out on this movie, maybe unfairly, because the actor that played Mick was great and could change emotions in a brief moment and was totally believable as a psycho.  If you haven’t seen too many of those types of movies you might like this one.

Tim’s Thoughts: I would rate this movie higher if it wasn’t so slow to start, but when it gets going, look out. I found myself really enjoying some of the more shocking parts of this movie and I like the endings that aren’t happy. I think it takes a lot of guts to put out a movie where really awful things happen to people and sometimes they get away with it, seems truer to life that way. All of that being said, I think Alex has a good point about the plot being a bit rehashed, but I haven’t seen Hostel, Tourista’s, etc… so this kind of movie, when the sadistic killer isn’t wearing a hockey mask, wasn’t too overdone for me. If you like graphic slasher flicks, then this is a must. The make-up is good, and if you make it through the slow start you will be well rewarded with some pretty gnarly gore. So if you are a wimp or tired of this plot, go watch the Sound of Music, me, I’ll take Mick and Wolf Creek.

Final Thoughts: A bit of a split on this one, but not too much. If the plot were a bit fresher Alex would rate it a bit higher, and if it had started a bit quicker, I would have given it a better rating as well. No bones about it, if you like slasher horror, you should check this out, even if you fast forward to the good stuff.

Alex Rates This Movie 5/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“Have you ever heard of a head on a stick?”

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