Mystery Team

Release Date: 3/7/2010 – Rated R

Starring: Donald Glover (Community), Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim vs The World)

Plot Summary: Three young boys start a little detective agency to help solve dastardly crimes in their small town.  They take on such thrilling cases as ‘who stole Mrs. Browns pie’, ‘who grafittied the boys bathroom at school’ and the near unsolvable ‘where did Sally Jones’ dog run off to’.  It’s cute.  It’s cute when you’re 8, not when you’re 18.  That’s right, 10 years later as high school seniors they are still talking, dressing and solving the same type of crimes they did when they were kids.  They are bullied and made fun of by their classmates on a daily basis, and are feeling a little blue.  That is until they get a new client: a little girls who wants them to find a ring that was stolen from their house last night… and the people who murdered her parents during the robbery.  The Mystery Team is on the case!  Can The Master of Disguise, The Boy Genius and The Strongest Kid Alive find the killer and solve the case?

Alex’s Thoughts:  I watched this once last year out of desperation.  I went to the library to get a movie, and Mystery Team was about all they had left.  I like Donald Glover on Community, so I thought I’d give it a try,and I was so glad I did.  While slow in a few spots, Mystery Team is absolutely stuffed with tons of humorous dialog and funny imagery.  The team plays really well off of each other and are so clueless as to how the grown-up world really works.  There are some scenes where I laughed for like five minutes straight, and that didn’t change the second time I watched it.  This is a hidden gem, and is great for a laugh.

Tim’s Thoughts: So many good things to say, so little blog space. Alex recommended this and also being a fan of Donald Glover I couldn’t resist. Holy crap is this movie funny, yes it does drag a bit here and there, but there are so many rapid fire jokes that I think I will have to see it a few more times to catch them all. It’s filled with a bunch of people you’ve seen in other movies but can’t remember their names, and is held together by the Mystery Team that play so well off each other that you really can’t help but laugh and have a good time.

Final Thoughts: Surprisingly crude at times, and oddly very innocent at others; if you watch this with an open mind you will more than likely love it. A nice movie to see that nobody’s heard of and you can claim you discovered it. Just tell them to also read our blog review and we will keep your secret.

Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“Frank! Sometimes I wish you didn’t beat that cancer. I really do.”

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