Well… February is at an end, so that means our self-imposed misery of reviewing ‘Black’ movies is as well; thank Allah and Zombie Jesus for that. We consider this a failed experiment, as the majority of movies with the word black in the title we overall not very good, and thus were not all that fun to watch. The gambit ranged from the truly awful Black Hole & Black Knight, to the somewhat watchable Blackula & Pitch Black and the surprisingly good Black Snake Moan. Although not included in this series of movies, Black Dynamite is still our favorite ‘black’ movie by far.  Since we had limitation as to what we could watch this past month, we decided that March is wide open, and we will be reviewing some really great movies. Some of these might be childhood favorites (for those of you in your late 20’s and early 30’s), and some of these you might not have heard of, but we think you will enjoy. We will also be doing a series of live blogs this month from some regional conventions we will be attending. These include the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo as well as a horror movie convention in Indy called Horror Hound Weekend. We’ll let you know what’s new in the film world and hopefully provide some funny commentary about what we saw while we were there. We will pick up with reader recommended reviews later in the month, we haven’t forgot about those and look forward to you sending in more. – Alex & Tim