Black Snake Moan

Release Date: 3/2/2007 – Rated R

Starring: Christina Ricci (Sleepy Hallow), Samuel L. Jackson (Jackie Brown)

Plot Summary:  Lazarus is a retired blues musician, and now farmer, whose wife recently left him for his younger brother.  Rea is a trashy, boozy nympho who just sent her boyfriend off to the National Guard.  Several hours later she is already with some other guy,and then another guy a few hours after that while trashed at a party.  Then almost another guy while being driven home by one of her boyfriend’s friends; except she makes fun of his little wiener, and he violently beats her and leaves her along the side of the road for dead.  The next morning Lazarus finds a nearly naked and bloody girl at the end of his driveway, and takes it upon himself to nurse her back to health.  He soon realizes that this girl just isn’t right.  She constantly has troubling dreams that cause her to want to have sex, and he is more interested in helping her, than ‘helping’ her (if you know what I mean).  Eventually he is able to befriend her, and decides to just let her do the right thing on her own, but not before she essentially rapes a boy who comes to the door unexpectedly.  She is later reunited with her boyfriend, who has been discharged due to severe anxiety attacks that only Rea seems to be able to help him with, and with the help of Lazarus the two try to fix their totally messed-up relationship.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This is a pretty unique movie, there is probably a little something for everyone here.  The cast is really great, including Justin Timberlake; and the story is very original.  I don’t really have anything negative to say about this movie: it’s really well paced, solid acting and some good music.  If you and date need something good to watch and you can’t decide between Die Hard and Hope Floats, this would be a good compromise.

Tim’s Thoughts: I had little hope for this movie, and I have come out shocked, shocked that I liked it as much as I did.  Justin Timberlake is the real deal, and the rest of the cast makes this bizarre tale so engrossing. I love the parallel dilemma’s of the main characters, Laz needs saving just a much as Rea, and with the help of each other, some chain, and some excellent friends this is a nice tale of redemption. The first half of the movie could lose some people because of some of the explicit sex, but when Sam Jackson gets out that ‘gitar’ and starts playing, who cares, it’s worth it.

Final Thoughts: At least Ricci had some bangs in this one, we don’t think we could have spent two hours looking at that ginormous fivehead of hers.  Great acting, plot, music,……what more do you want. If the sex makes you squeamish, then fast forward, the movie is really rewarding.  And here’s hoping Timberlake does some more acting, he is so much more than just a musician, and that ain’t no lie. Bye, bye, bye until next time.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“God put you in my path and I aim to cure you of your wicked ways.”

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