My Bloody Valentine

Release Date: 2/11/1981 – Rated R

Plot Summary:  20 Years ago Harry Warden was trapped in a mine on Valentine’s Day after an accidental collapse, along with 5 other miners.  Harry was the only one who made it out, the others might have had a chance, if Harry didn’t eat them all of course.  As you can imagine, this left Harry a bit bat-shit-crazy, so he spent a year in the nut house.  The following Valentine’s Day he comes back and kills those who were responsible for the accident in the first place; cutting out their hearts and putting them in a heart-shaped candy box with a note to never again celebrate this holiday, and they didn’t until now…

The townsfolk are all giddy about the first Valentine’s Day dance in two decades, especially the young miners and their girlfriends.  As the decorations are multiplying so are everyone’s fears that Harry Warden will come back and make good on his promise to kill them all.  As the days leading up to the big dance approach bodies begin to show up with notes warning of the shit that will go down if they have that dance.  The mayor and police chief decide to cancel the celebration in order to prevent anymore murders.  The miners decide to have their own party at the mine of all places and pretty much give a big F.U. to Harry Warden’s threats.  It ends up being a pretty bad decision.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Just a below average movie trying to get in on the slasher movie craze of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  It has a pretty decent gimmick with the Valentine’s Day theme and a pretty iconic horror movie costume in the miner’s outfit, but it just isn’t all that great.  I thought the remake was a little bit better, but being slightly better that a smelly turd is still like being a stinky fart.

Tim’s Thoughts: This is an ok slasher flick, I liked it better than Black Christmas, and like Alex said, it has the iconic Miner outfit. It starts out pretty strong and stays interesting for a bit, but then loses steam until ending, which was kept secret from the cast until the last-minute. If you wonder why everyone sounds Canadian, it’s because they are, but don’t hold it against them, it’s not their fault. If you are doing an 80’s slasher fest, this is a must, while not as good as the early Friday the 13th’s or the first A Nightmare On Elm Street, it’s a solid entry into the genre.

Final Thoughts: There are better slasher films from the 80’s, and this one’s ok, not even good, just ok. Go to Netflix and stream it, you can fast forward through the slow parts and the homoerotic shower scene, (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and enjoy the grisly deaths and an interesting ending.

Alex Rates This Movie 3/10

Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

“From the heart comes a warning, filled with bloody good – cheer, remember what happened as the 14th draws – near!”


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