Black Devil Doll

Release Date: 2007 (DVD) – Not Rated

Plot Summary: An airhead named Heather is bored one evening and tries contacting spirits on her Ouija board at the exact moment a black supremest is being executed on death row.  His soul is transferred into a puppet on her couch, and just like that he is ready to get back to killing and is DTF.  The puppet spends several weeks banging Heather, but then decides that he ‘needs some new strange’, and makes Heather call over a few friends.  After a not needed car wash scene, the girls go inside and chat about being whores or something, and the doll gives Heather the signal to scram, and she heads out to Mickey D’s to stuff her fat face.  The girls all go off to do their own thing: one girl goes sun bathing, is roofied and raped then murdered, another girl is taking a nap then raped and murdered, another girl is taking a bath and murdered and THEN raped, heather’s ex-boyfriend goes to woo her back and is killed THEN raped and the final girl willingly has Team America type sex with the doll and is then murdered.  After her 4th Big Mac, Heather come home to find her friends murdered and tries to get her revenge on the Black Devil Doll. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Let me just start off saying this movie is awful, then let me waffle and say that it’s really good; and by that I mean it is a good movie to watch with friends and make fun of every single second of every single scene.  You could tell that the guys who made it were having a good time, and there were a ton of funny jokes and visuals; but it was hard to get past the story and the horrible acting.  The group of female puppet fodder were a bunch of untrained skanks, and of any of them have never had sex for money I will eat my own head.  Again, this is not a movie to watch alone, it should be viewed with a group of friend who are not easily offended.

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie is utter garbage and trash, yet it never claims to be anything else. It was fun to watch, but it could have been done in 15 minutes, and I think the credits were at least that long. Granted, like the movie the credits also have some really funny jokes, but it’s still softcore trash. If you are having a bad movie night, this would be a good addition, as it has the usual requirements, unexplainable nudity, stupid deaths, cheesy gore, and even worse acting. I wouldn’t recommend popping this in while watching the kids. You have been warned.

Final Thoughts:  Stupid, immature & shoddy, but also brilliant at times.  It is just a dumb funny and awful movie, but was pulled off alright for a mere $10k. You might enjoy this movie of you like any of the following: whores, wiggers, potty humor, salad tossing, bad boob job scars, interracial man puppet on girl action, interracial man puppet on man action, rape, necrophilia, racism, more bad boob job scars (there are a lot), acid poop, fried chicken or cocaine… as this movie has all of that and more.  

Alex Rates This Movie 3/10

Tim Rates This Movie 3/10

“He’s A Lover.  He’s A Killer.  He’s A Motherfuckin’ Puppet.”

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