As we tried to think of movies with ‘Black’ in the title to watch and review for our Black History Month project, we couldn’t help but think about some of the fictional movies starring Tracy Jordan from NBC’s 30 Rock.  Our favorite of which, of course, is A Blackfair to Remblack, followed closely by Black Cavemen and Black Cop White Cop – “One does the duty, the other gets the booty”.

Some of our other favorites are: Who Dat Ninja?, President Homeboy, Honkey Grandma Be Trippin’, Fat Bitch, Sherlock Homie, Cruise Boat, Samuri I-Am-Awry, The 227 Movie: New Jackay City, Death Bank and The Chunks 2: A Very Chunky Christmas.

Hopefully NBC gets hard up for some web content someday and makes some extended trailers for these, because that would be great.  Let us know if we missed any or comment on other fictional movies you wish were real.