Site Update – Tim and I have been busy trying to fix this blog to be more user-friendly and have found a layout that seems cleaner and easier to navigate, hopefully you’ve found it to be so as well.  We want to thank everyone old and new for coming here and hope that we might have helped you find a movie that you enjoyed and would not have otherwise seen.  I know we have watched and reviewed some good movies from your requests that we might not have ever watched and thank you for that.  We get a kick out of all of the comments left and are glad people are reading this drivel.  We’d like to share this site with as many people as we can, so if you know someone who digs movies please send them our way.

Black History Month – As some of you might have learned in 2nd grade (beside the fact that paste is delicious) is that February is Black History Month.  We here at Men on Film are colorblind – don’t make fun, it’s a real problem getting dressed in the morning; so instead of singling out fine African-American actors we’re going to switch it up a bit.  We are going to review movies with ‘Black’ in the title.  We have a few choice gems on the slate, but would welcome any ideas you might have for additional ‘Black’ films to review, as well as any paste that you don’t plan on eating.