Release Date: 4/13/2010 (DVD) – Rated R

Starring: Woody Harrelson (Zombieland)

Plot Summary: By day Arthur Poppington is a functionally retarded road crew worker, but by night he is a functionally retarded superhero named Defendor.   Armed with his wasp grenades, marbles and a well-used trench club, he wanders the streets looking for trouble and trying to make a difference; but is always on the lookout for the man who killed his mother, Captain Industry.  Defendor targets an scum-bag undercover cop as someone who can lead him to his mother’s killer, and continuously torments him and believes his crime boss employer to be that man.  With the help of a drug addicted street-walker our hero attempt to take down a real-life villain and unwittingly inspires an entire city.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This was a welcomed surprise.  I have seen this on my recommended movie list from Netflix for months, but never really had any desire to see it based on their description.  Tim recommended we give it a try, and it was a good watch.  While not as action packed as your normal super hero movie, this one is all character driven and it works well.  It’s interesting to see Arthur’s personal sense of right and wrong, and because of his mental state he has no filter so nothing stops him from doing what he thinks needs to be done.  What seems to start off as a comedy ends up being more of a drama near the end, but it seems to work alright here.

Tim’s Thoughts: This one has an undeniable charm, and Woody Harrelson is really good. Like Alex, I thought this was going to be funny the entire way through, but it shifts gears around the end of the second act, and turns psuedo serious for the ending. I really liked it despite some of the stranger turns, and I thought the supporting cast was solid. People that like off beat movies should enjoy this one, I know I did.

Final Thoughts:  This movie was released about the same time as Kick Ass, so was probably overlooked by most people. So we say go see it now and look really smart when you recommend it to friends, they will be so impressed you found this little gem all by yourself. Love, Alex and Tim.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“I’m not Lois Lane, and you’re not Superman. So go jack off to some other fantasy, all right?”

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