Release Date: 11/23/2007 (Spain) – Rated R

Plot Summary:  A local reporter, Angela, and her cameraman, Pablo, are taping a segment for While You Were Sleeping; a show about people who work at night.  They are matched up with a group of firefighters for tonight’s segment.  Angela and Pablo go out on a call with a team of firemen to a report of a woman who might be hurt at an apartment building.  When they arrive on the scene the find the police already there questioning the residents who have gathered in the lobby.  They say they heard screams for an apartment of single elderly woman.  When the police, firemen and reporters get into her apartment they find her standing still and drenched in blood.  As the group runs to her aid she attacks and bites one of the police officers.  The group rushes him downstairs for medical attention only to find that the government has trapped them inside and will not allow them to leave.  With flesh-eating zombies on the loose and nowhere to run, how will these terrified people survive?

Does this sound familiar?  Maybe it sounds exactly like the plot of Quarantine?  if so, that’s because it is.  Quarantine was re-made a year later for American audiences (read as – in English).  The American version is a near shot-for-shot re-make with a very slightly different ending. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Having seen Quarantine when it was first released, I thought that it was a decent flick.  Then I heard that it was almost a shot for shot remake of a Spanish movie, so naturally I wanted to compare the two.  The camera footage from the American release is a little cleaner and not quite as shaky, and there are a few more special effects to make the zombies a little grosser.  The acting in the Spanish version is better I thought, and since they came up with the movie first I have to give the edge to the Spaniard’s version of the film.  While Quarantine was good, it was a completely unnecessary movie.  I know it was made for the average American movie audience that doesn’t feel like reading while they watch their movies, but the average American movie audience is missing out on a lot of fantastic stuff out there.  Hey Dyngus, reading can be fun, so don’t be scared off by it.

Tim’s Thoughts: I haven’t seen Quarantine yet, as I write this it’s sitting on top of my DVD player. I have been putting off watching it because I liked Rec so much. I sorta knew the plot and already kinda knew how it ended, and despite all of that this movie was a thrill to watch. I loved the suspense and the realism. The acting was really solid, and there is a part with a kid that freaked me out. I am waiting for .Rec 2 to be released and I will watch it gladly. Till then I will just have to muster the strength to watch the American version for now.

Final Thoughts: If you think you’d like offspring of The Blair Witch Project and 28 Days Later, this is the movie for you.  If you have already seen Quarantine you can probably pass on this, as it is a lesser remake of this far better movie.

Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“We know nothing. They haven’t told us a thing. We saw special forces, health inspectors wearing suits and masks, and it’s not very comforting.”

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