Night of the Demons

Release Date: 10/19/2010 (DVD) – Rated R

Starring: Shannon Elizabeth (13 Ghosts), Edward Furlong (Pecker)

Plot Summary:  After Angela’s mega Halloween party get shut down by the cops, a small group of friends remain inside the old Broussard Mansion to salvage what fun they can for the evening.  The group breaks down like this: Angela – the party host who is kinda bitchy and a little slutty, bad boy Dex, drug dealer Colin, even sluttier Suzanne, good girl-next door Maddie, dumb shit Jason and Lily the sluttiest of the sluts.  While exploring the house for Colin’s lost bag of drugs they find a secret room in the basement with six skeletons arranged on the floor.  While giving one of them a closer look, Angela is bitten on the finger (of course) but somehow thinks nothing of it.  Once they get upstairs Angela begins to not feel so well, soon she turns into a demon and goes back with her friends to have some fun.  Since they are all in their late twenties they do what any groups of fiends that age does, they play spin the bottle.  Angela then infects Dex with this demon virus thru a kiss, who in-turn infects Lily through some dong to butt consensual activity.  Suzanne soon follows after having her face and boob ripped off, so that just leaves Colin, Jason and Maddie as the only humans left.

They wind up trapped in an upstairs bedroom that the demons cannot enter because of spells that were written on the walls the last time this happened.  Their plan is to wait it out and let all the demon stuff blow over till morning.  So the demons proceed to go into the basement and have an orgy for some reason.  After a nap (because people can easily sleep after their friends become tools of the Devil), they see that it’s light outside and walk calmly to the front door.  But wait… those tricky demons played a prank on them making it look like it was light outside, so they are forced to run back into their little holy panic room; but not before Angela snacks on Jason’s spleen.  Colin goes to use the crapper in the bathroom that is not part of the spell covered room and becomes a demon too, big shock.  As dawn approaches Maddie wraps a rope around her neck and jumps off the balcony, seemingly killing herself.  Little do the now destroyed demons know that the rope was around her waist; she then quips about demons being retarded and walks off to live another day.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Not really a fan of the original from 1988, and definitely not a fan of this remake.  All of the dialog, acting and effects are sub-par with the actress who plays the main character Maddie the only one who seems like they’re even trying and not just showing up for a check and the free lunches.  There was some potential with the story and if they tried to make it truly scary instead of cheesy or funny this could have been decent.  I can only recommend you watch this movie in order to make fun of it with your friends.   

Tim’s Thoughts: UGH! I was a fan of the original, I like Eddy Furlong, and think that demons that work like zombies are ok, but this movie was awful. I feel like I can criticize this because I am not Ebert doing a movie review, I am a fan of the genre and usually these types of movies get cut a lot of slack. This turd was trying too hard to be flashy with its terrible camera work, and the monsters were inconsistent bouncing between Demon Knight style of demons (funny and clever,) and just lame drippy “we make loud noises” demons. The soundtrack sucked, the movie couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to be, the demons were really fast in some scenes and ridiculously slow in others. Some of the make-up wasn’t bad, and sometimes it looked like an underdeveloped child applied it. There are a few funny bits, but the entire movie is such a waste of time that I don’t know that’d I would bother. If you are having a bad  horror movie night, maybe, but only if you can watch it without paying. Again I love bad horror movies, like the original, but there are 5 movies with Demons that I would recommend before I even get close to mentioning this one.

Final Thoughts:  Proof that not every movie is worthy of a remake, especially if that remake is way worse than the original.  We would also like to note  that apparently when a demon puts it in your butt, you become a demon too, so use protection or at least a holy water based lube if you’re into ass-play with monsters.

Alex Rates This Movie 3/10

Tim Rates This Movie 2/10

“No costume, no candy, mother fucker.”

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