Otis (Review recommended by reader D.K.)

Release Date: 6/10/2008 (DVD) – Rated R

Starring: Daniel Stern (Home Alone)

Plot Summary:  Meet Otis. He’s just your average fat and sloppy 40-year-old virgin pizza delivery boy with a sex dungeon in his garage.  Our film opens with Otis asking his abducted girlfriend ‘Kim’ if she is ready for their date to the prom, via telephone and camera from a remote room.  Kim doesn’t particularly like that idea and fakes her own death in order to escape.  Otis come in and finds her very much alive, but after a brief skirmish that changes.  After a few minutes with a hacksaw “this” Kim is ready to be dumped in the woods, which is similar to what happened to the four previous ‘Kims’ that didn’t want to go to the prom with Otis either.

The next scene begins with the Lawson family ordering a pizza for dinner.  Guess who shows up to meet sexy young Riley at the door?  That’s right our favorite slob of a serial killer.  The next day he kidnaps Riley, and makes her his new girlfriend, and gives her a new name – Kim.  Riley is forced to act out sick and twisted high school scenes from Otis’ memory, these dates eventually lead up to Otis asking her to his senior prom.  Meanwhile, the Lawsons have enlisted the help of a bumbling FBI missing persons specialist named Agent Hotchkiss.  It is very evident to the family that this guy is a tool, and is of no help at all.

Through a series of events Riley escapes and returns home, where she tells her family the kidnapper’s name and address.  Not wanting the FBI to screw up the case they decide to take matters into their own hands and plan to kill Otis themselves.  After breaking in to his house they wait for him to come home from work.  The door opens and they proceed to beat down the person who walks in.  After brutally torturing the man to death, they find out a little too late that it wasn’t Otis, but his brother Elmo.  The family quickly dismembers the body and finds the nearest dumpster.  The FBI agent uncovers what went down, and for some reason is alright with what he thinks happened.  It’s less work for him if Otis is dead, but the family can’t tell them they killed someone else, so Otis is free to walk the streets to find a brand new Kim.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Like Tim, I think that this movie couldn’t decide on an overall tone.  It starts off as a serious serial killer movie, and ends up like a Marx Brothers flick.  The changes are odd, but make for a pretty unique movie and storyline flow; I could see how some people might be put off by that.  Personally I thought the characters were good, and the intentionally funny parts were great.  The fact that the mother tries to make Otis’ brother drink a smoothie made out of his extremities should be enough for you to want to see it.

Tim’s Thoughts: A little too slapsticky for me, not that I don’t like that humor, I just felt that it sometimes broke the flow of the movie. I know it appears that I am taking it too seriously, but the characters were all pretty good and well thought out with the exception of Riley’s parents. I like Daniel Stern, but really don’t like Illeana Douglas, I don’t know why, I just really hated her through the entire movie. I did not let that little hang-up stop me from liking this one, despite her attempts, Otis is a pretty interesting bit of cinema that deserves attention. It’s funny and strange, and I think that people who like these kind of movies will find the charm in this one. Not the best, and by far not the worst. Pop some corn and check this out.

Final Thoughts:  It’s definitely a watchable movie.  The story is unique, but at times it can’t figure out what it wants to be.  If you just want to be entertained and want to relax and not put too much thought into it, Otis would be a fine choice.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10

“You licked the crotch of my wife’s panties like a goddamn dog!”

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