Big Trouble In Little China

Release Date: 7/2/1986 – Rated R

Starring: Kurt Russell (Executive Decision), Kim Cattrall (Mannequin)

Plot Summary: While truck driver Jack Burton visits his friend Wang Chi in San Fransisco, Wang’s (ha ha) girlfriend is kidnapped.  It turns out that is the most normal thing that happens to Jack and Wang over the next few days.  While searching for Miao Yin, they get caught in the middle of a Chinese gang war.  With bodies flying everywhere, one group seems to be winning, until a trio of supernatural kung-fu fighters called the Three Storms show up and start kicking in teeth.  They try to escape only to encounter the wizard Lo Pan; after hitting him with their truck and not showing any sign of damage they make a run for it.  They come back later to  find Jack’s had his truck stolen, with Wang’s girl still missing, they regroup at a local restaurant.

The two meet up with a local reporter Gracie,tour guide – Egg Shen & Wang’s friend Eddie.  They try to infiltrate Lo Pan’s secret chambers, which is with a shipping business front, only to get captured.  They eventually escape with a distraction by the others, but Gracie is captured.  We lean that for Lo Pan to become mortal again he needs to marry a girl with green eyes.  Miao Yin and Gracie both have green eyes, so it’s polygamy time!  He is going to marry them both.  With the help of egg and some of his warriors they plan to stop the wedding and kill Lo Pan once he is mortal.  Our heroes go on to fight the Three Storms and all sorts of other mystic monsters.  They succeed in killing Lo Pan and rescuing the girls, but the best part… Jack gets his truck back. 

Alex’s Thoughts: Big Trouble is one of my top favorite movies ever.  I enjoy so much about this film, it makes me smile just thinking about it.  The Jack Burton character is perfectly played by Russell , and I could just see that character getting into other bizarre situations like the ones in this movie; as a kid I waited for a sequel, not realizing that it was a box office failure due to lack of promotion.  That’s too bad as this could have made for a good franchise.  The effects were great and the costumes were also top-notch.  You’ll be in big trouble if you pass this one by.

Tim’s Thoughts: I know we are at risk of turning this blog into a Kurt Russell love letter, but he is REALLY funny in this movie. Kim Cattrall is funny too, but only because she is so awful throughout the entire movie. She isn’t helped by the cheese ball dialogue which conveniently explains everything as needed, but all of that just adds to the charm. Russell is more bumbling than heroic, and his partner Wang is the real badass.  I have always been a fan of this one, despite the rubber monster (who has no purpose as far as I can tell) and Cattrall’s hammy acting (believe it or not her friend is worse).  So call up some friends pop some corn and open a beer for a ride on Porkchop Express.

Final Thoughts:  We both really like this one, and we think you will too. Don’t go in expecting to much and you will enjoy it, as a friend would call it, this is a pure “Popcorn Movie”.  As you watch see if you can spot all the characters that seemed to have inspired Mortal Kombat fighters (I count at least 4).

Alex Rates This Movie 10/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“It’s all in the reflexes.”

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