The Thing

Release Date: 6/25/1982 – Rated R

Starring: Kurt Russell (Captain Ron), Wilford Brimley (Cockfight)

Plot Summary: Members of an American Antarctic research center are awoken by the sounds of explosions one crisp wintry morning.  In the distance they see people in a helicopter shooting and throwing grenades at a poor little doggy running in the show.  The helicopter is crewed by a neighboring Norwegian research team, who promptly crash and die.  Not know what to think about that, the Americans let the dog into their base camp and go on about their business.  Unable to reach anyone on the radio, they travel to the Norwegian camp to find it in ruins, its scientists dead, and they also discover a partially burned unidentifiable body. 

Things start to get a little creepy when they can’t identify the body they found, although the organs are human.  Oh, and that nice little dog they found, it turns out it’s an alien mimicking a dog and may have infected/mimicked some of the other members of the camp.  Paranoia sets in as the camp members do not know who to trust, and one by one are falling prey to the alien life form.  They decide to blow-up the camp sacrificing themselves in the process so as not to allow the alien to infect the next team coming in the spring. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  All I can say is that this movie is as creepy today as when I first saw it as a kid.  There is a ton of suspense as you try to figure out who isn’t really human anymore; and the effects… oh the effects. With special effects like these some people might just say that carries the movie, but the cast and story complement that as well.  It all comes together to make a really great film.

Tim’s Thoughts: I truly believe that this movie works on many levels, like Alex said, the effects and the story are both solid, and still hold up today.  There is a prequel due out in the near future that takes place at the Norwegian station. This is John Carpenter at his best, I like this better than ANY Halloween, even though the first one is excellent, and the cast is perfect. Alex and I got together to watch this and I felt bad, I kept talking to Alex about how awesome I thought the effects were, and how they still hold up. So please give this one a watch, and do it without me so I won’t ruin it by blabbing constantly.

Final Thoughts:  We agree that the effects make the movie truly great, but even without those the story would carry it along and still be a pretty good movie.

Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“We’re a thousand miles from nowhere, man. And it’s gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better!”

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