Release Date: 10/18/1985 – Rated R

Starring: Jeffery Combs (House on Haunted Hill), Barbra Crampton (Puppet Master)

Plot Summary: This horror comedy centers around a medical student named Dan.  Dan’s doing well in school, banging the dean’s daughter, the thing is he just could use some extra cash.  He rents a room in his house out to a new student at the med school, Hebert West.  West has developed a drug that brings the dead back to life, which he demonstrates on Dan’s cat.  The cat comes back to life and then tries to kill them: BAD KITTY!  Despite the fact that this solution makes the reanimated bodies ultraviolent, they decide to try it on a dead human.  That human tires to kill them as well: BAD HUMAN!  The corpse does succeed in killing the dean of the school, but no problem; they bring him back to life as well.  Guess what happens?

A mad doctor at the hospital blackmails West to give up his formula and he claims it as his own, but not before getting his head chopped off.  Both his head and body are reanimated and this dynamic duo is up to no good.  They kidnap Dan’s girlfriend (and do some nasty severed head sex stuff) and proceed to make an army of the undead.  Will Dan and West be able to stop them?  Will Dan’s girlfriend be able to fend off the sexual advances of a body-less head?  You’ll need to see for yourself.

Alex’s Thoughts:  Laughs. Blood.  Severed Limbs.  Full-frontal Female nudity.  All the things we hold dear, and all things that can be found in this funny and fun movie.  It’s got some slow parts, but all-in-all it’s a good film, and would be better watching with a group of friends.  The character of Herbert West is well-played and I look forward to seeing him in the sequels.  I say watch it, as long as you have a strong stomach. (On a side note: the reanimated dean looks like Bilbo Baggins when he’s trying to get the ring back from Frodo.)

Tim’s Thoughts: I saw this movie as a kid, most of it through my hands as I had to cover my eyes for the scary, and naked parts and I loved it then as much as I do now. This is one that defines Campy, if any movie is or ever was, this is it. The funny parts are really funny and the gory parts are really gory, and it definitely makes up for not only the slow parts but the total destroying of H.P Lovecraft’s short story which is similar in name and dead/undead cat only.  An awesome choice for a group viewing, and most will seek out Jeffery Combs movies afterwards. I think that this may have been his best, and avoid “Parasominia” at all costs. Sorry Alex but Bride of the Reaninmator is pretty awful, and I think the third one is that much worse.

Final Thoughts:  If you like movies like Evil Dead and Dead Alive, this is right up your alley.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 7/10


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