Kung Fu Hustle

Release Date: 8/14/2005 – Rated R

Plot Summary: 1940’s China sets the scene for this wacky Kung Fu flick, the city of Canton is ruled by the villanous Axe Gang. While a nearby slum is ruled by an abusive Landlady, two con men stroll up looking for some easy money. They not only try to get a free haircut, (by a kid whose butt is always hanging out of his pants) they also demand that he pays them. Not fearing anyone more than the Landlady, the kid says no, and the other tenants take notice. The Landlady shows up and attempts to shoo them off. Making threats of calling the Axe Gang in,  Sing (the con man) pulls out a firecracker to summon his supposed cohorts. (The Axe Gang uses a roman candle and the fireworks make the shape of an axe when set off) The ill tossed firework blows up the hat of a man who is actually in the Axe Gang, and he promptly starts threatening everyone. Just as he’s about to deal out some Axe justice he’s mysteriously flung across the courtyard and into a trash can. Back broken he tells his cronies to call in reinforcements. Just about this time about a hundred or so sharply dressed gangsters show up with hatchets and axes to kill everyone in the slum, unfortunately for them this particular ghetto has 3 kung fu masters who are secretly living out their retirement. (So secretly that they didn’t even know that the other masters were there.) These three martial art masters proceed to open up a can of whup ass on everyone who cares to sample, and then are berated by the landlady, because now the Axe Gang won’t stop till they have vengeance. Meanwhile our con-men are making their case to join the Axe Gang, and all they have to do to get in is to kill somebody. Of course Sing (the skinny con-man) and Bone (the fat sleepy one) are complete buffoons and only make things worse. As fate would have it, the Landlord and her wimpy husband also are kung fu masters hiding in retirement, but that matters not to the Axe Gang, as they will not stop till they have crushed this slum under their designer boot heels. So Sing must decide his destiny….Mobster or hero? I guess you will have to watch to find out…..or just email us.

Alex’s Thoughts:  This movie is so much fun to watch, I really love it.  I do like the fact that it is cartoony and that’s what makes it such a fun and creative film.  There is tons of action, wire work, and crazy effects.  I really like ‘the beast’, the worlds #1 killer, because he looks nothing like what you would expect.  That pretty much sums up what I think about the entire movie.  When someone says it is  a martial arts movie you’d never expect this.

Tim’s Thoughts: While a bit cartoony at times I really enjoyed this one. It’s subtitled so be warned, you will have to read, but the action is solid, and while the effects can be a bit goofy I think that they work. I drug my friends to see this in the theater years ago, and I force it upon fans of the genre who haven’t seen it. I recommend it, and think that if you pop some popcorn sit back and relax you will find yourself doing the same.

Final Thoughts:  If you go into this thinking it’s just another kung fu movie you’re mistaken.  The best way we can describe this movie is the crazy 88 scene from Kill Bill 1 meets the 3 Stooges.  If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll love it.  

Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“Let’s kill them all and make this place a brothel.”

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