Release Date: 3/31/2006 – Rated R

Starring: Nathan Fillion (Serenity), Elizabeth Banks (Zack & Miri)

Plot Summary:  Local a-hole Grant is wondering the woods at night when he comes upon a strange creature that has just crawled out from a crashed meteor, and promptly begins poking it with a stick.  He subsequently is shot in the chest with some sort of alien dart and things begin to go south for Grant in a hurry.   He soon impregnates the town whore and chains her up in a barn feeding her raw meat.  The local police chief, Bill, suspects Grant is involved in the whore’s disappearance, so a search party is sent out to find Grant and the slut.  The posse, made up of grant’s wife, the police and a few townies, find a now mutated grant killing a horse and bringing it back to a barn occupied by a VERY pregnant whore.  She soon explodes releasing thousands of slug-like creatures who can’t wait to crawl into everyone’s mouth, thus transforming them into zombies.

It’s up to an uninfected group consisting of Grant’s wife, Bill, a teenage girl and the town’s potty-mouthed mayor to try and kill Grant and stop this plague from spreading. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Watching this the first time, I thought it was too similar to Night of the Creeps; but upon additional viewings I’ve come to accept it as a movie all its own, with good characters and great one-liners spouted off by Fillion.  It’s ment to be viewed and enjoyed and if you’re looking too much into the plot than you probably won’t like it too much,  but if you want to watch a funny, campy flick this just might be for you. 

Tim’s Thoughts: Also as a fan of Night of the Creeps I was skeptical at first, but I found this one a lot of fun. Nathon Fillion is awesome as usual, and I love Gregg Henry, (the potty mouthed mayor), and really the rest of the cast is pretty solid. Written and directed by James Gunn, who wrote the screenplay for Dawn of the Dead (remake) makes only one error. Not Putting his then wife Jenna Fischer into more of the movie, I guess that’s why she divorced him, but who can know for sure other than Perez Hilton. Also I find that the mother/town whore is watching Toxic Avenger with a baby in her lap when Grant shows up for some naughty time.

Final Thoughts: If you like gross horror movies, this is the one. The effects are good, there is a ton of disgusting scenes, it’s well done and just plain fun. Perfect for a gross-out movie night, or even just watching it alone while your wife/husband sleeps. I do recommend that if you ARE the town whore, and the local rich guy is showing up for some booty, and you have a baby in your lap, to NOT answer the door. Maybe this rule only applies to horror movies, but I can see a few other reasons why this may not be the best idea.

Alex Rates This Movie 7/10

Tim Rates This Movie 8/10

“Grant looks like a squid, don’t know where he’s gonna hide… Sea World maybe.”

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