The Human Centipede: First Sequence

Release Date: 6/27/2010 – Rated R

Starring: Deiter Laser, Ashley C. Williams

Plot Summery: A retired surgeon, famous for separating conjoined twins, wants to create the perfect organism.  His dream is to have several humans all share the same digestive system.  How can that be possible, you ask?  Here is a description of the surgery he performs on 3 unlucky folks… The first person eats, but also has the second person’s mouth surgically connected to their anus.  The second person then ‘eats’ from the first person’s butt, but then also has someone attached to their butt-hole, that person has to ‘eat’ from the second and then poops out whatever is left.  All of them have had the ligaments on their knees removed so they cannot stand, just crawl; creating the ‘centipede’.

Two American girls are kidnapped by the doctor in the dark forests of Germany after having some car trouble.  They are then joined by a very vocal Japanese lad.  One of the girls escapes the doctor’s dungeon right before the surgery, but cannot get out of the house, as punishment for this he decides she jets to be the ‘lucky Pierre’ and gets the middle position in the centipede.  Surgery’s over, and they are one big happy human chain, just eating and pooping into each other much to the doctor’s enjoyment.  Some cops come and question him about some missing people and eventually find what’s going one.  No one is happy with the outcome.

Alex’s Thoughts: After just watching this the night before I’m writing this, I can still taste the bile in my mouth.  There were parts that were hard for me to watch, and if you’ve seen Hostel or Tourista I would equate it to that, it’s pretty much just torture porn.  In those movies you know that the people at the receiving end of the torture aren’t long for this world.  Not so for the poor bastards in this movie.  This concept should have been in Dante’s Inferno, as one of the eternal punishments for people who talk a lot of shit (rimshot here).  It’s difficult to watch, and would not recommend watching this by yourself, unless you are some kind of perv or want to punish your eyes for something bad they might have done, or maybe you’re bulimic and need some help in the purge process.  In fact you’ll be better off not watching this at all. 

Tim’s Thoughts:  I hated it. I thought it was boring, and honestly not as gross as I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, I was glad that I was spared what I was fearing, but it definitely did not live up to the hype. Conceptually this was the most vile movie ever conceived, but it was not executed very well. The Christopher Walken look-alike mad scientist wasn’t bad, but most of the other acting was pretty atrocious. I was glad to watch it with a group of friends and had a good time, but the movie itself sucked out loud. There are better disgusting movies out there, and I would let Centipede just be a legend and don’t ruin it by watching it.

Final Thoughts:   Stay away at all costs. The copy of the film we viewed was not subtitled, so it is possible we missed out on some plot details since we do not speak German or Japanese, but it really doesn’t matter.  The concept is disgusting but interesting, but was not pulled off well.   There is a  sequel in already in pre-production, and is titled The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence; or check out the porn parody – The Human Sextipede.  We would guess that both of these are equally gross.

Alex Rates This Movie 2/10

Tim Rates This Movie 2/10

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