Fright Night

Release Date: 8/2/1985 – Rated R

Starring: Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes), Chris Sarandon ( The Princess Bride)

Plot Summary:  While trying to get some trim, our main character Charlie Brewster notices two men moving in next door; which isn’t all that odd.  What is odd however is what they are moving into the house: a coffin.  The next day Charlie sees a woman enter the house, later that night while watching the news he sees that her body had been found behind the rail yards – minus a head.  He’s convinced that his next door neighbor is Prince Humperdink a vampire!  His suspicions are confirmed when he sees his neighbor Jerry Dandritch getting it on with some skirt, with his fangs out and with creepy long fingers.  The only problem is that Dandritch sees him too.  Charlie brings the police to arrest his neighbor, but once the cop hears the word ‘vampire’ he decides Charlie is nuts and leaves.

Charlie knows that he’s going to be killed if he doesn’t do anything, so he enlists the help of horror movie show “Fright Night’ host Peter Vincent: Vampire Killer.  Charlie tells the local Svenghoulie his story, but Vincent also thinks the boy is loco and drives off.  Charlies friends, Ed and Amy, end up paying Peter Vincent to come to Charlie’s neighbor’s house and perform a test to prove Dantritch isn’t a vampire.  Dandritch drinks what is said to be holy water with no ill effects, but is later seen (or shall we say unseen) to cast no reflection in a mirror.  Vincent doesn’t tell anyone this, and instead bolts like everything is fine.  Dandritch discovers that they are on to him and sets off to kill them.  He turns Ed into a vampire and sends him off for Vincent, and goes after Charlie and Amy himself; eventually putting Amy in to a sexy trance and taking her back to his place to turn her into a vampire. 

After almost getting killed by Ed, Peter Vincent decides to help Charlie kill his neighbor.  They go over and get scared and run back to Charlies where Ed is dressed like Charlies mom al la The Big Bad Wolf.  Which is funny because he then turns into a wolf but is staked by Vincent.  Charlie and Vincent return to the neighbor’s house where they do battle with the vampire in order to save Amy’s soul.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I’ve watched this movie quite a few times since I was a kid.  While it doesn’t scare me the way it used to, I still enjoy watching it after all these years.  It’s a mix between a horror movie and a comedy, and does pretty good at being both with come funny scenes and lots of gore and cheep scares.  I especially like the special effects in this movie, with a werewolf transformation scene that I think rivals American Werewolf in London.  It’s very 1980’s in they way in moves, but it still holds up pretty well today.  I say see it if you want a horror movie that isn’t to scary and you want a few laughs in between your kills.

Tim’s Thoughts: This is a childhood favorite, and I think it still holds up. “Evil” Ed is one of my favorite secondary characters of all time, and Peter Vincent is absolutely classic. I never turn down a chance to watch this, and still laugh every time. It also functions as a solid horror movie, while not too scary, it is just plain fun, which is what good horror really is a heart. I was worried about the remake untill I heard that David Tennant (Dr Who) is playing Peter Vincent, that’s enough for me to go see it. Anyways, I strongly recommend this one, and am  confident that even the average viewers will find things to enjoy.

Final Thoughts:  It’s a good time.  This movie will defiantly hold your attention and entertain.  If you like horror/comedy movies like Once Bitten or Transylvania 6-5000 you’ll like this as well.   There is also a remake in production coming in 2011, we’ll just have to see about that one.

Alex Rates This Movie 8/10

Tim Rates This Movie 9/10

“Welcome to Fright Night. For real.”

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