District 9

Release Date: 8/16/2009 – Rated R

Starring: Sharlto Copely (A-Team)

Plot Summary:  We are not alone.  An alien ship has positioned itself above Johannesburg, South Africa, and it’s just sitting there, stuck.  Eventually the government enters the ship and finds the stranded aliens, that they call prawns because of their shrimp-like appearance.  They are moved to the surface and relegated to a concentration camp called District 9.   The people of the city hate these aliens, so they decide to move them further away, it is up to our main character Wikus to serve eviction notices and search for alien contraband.  While in an alien shack he is sprayed by a strange dark fluid.

(SPOILERS) The fluid slowly begin to change Wikus into a prawn, the government takes notice and Wikus into custody.  The government has taken all of the alien’s weapons, but only those with alien DNA can use them, they try to get Wikus to help them, but he escapes back into district 9; seeking help from the creator of the dark fluid.  The alien agrees to help if he can get the fluid canister back.  After retrieving the canister the alien says he can get the ship working again, and needs to go get help for his people, but the government is in hot pursuit.  Wikus uses a hidden alien batter suit to fight the government off while his alien buddy flees to the spaceship and leaves earth.  The movie ends with Wikus totally transforming into a prawn, and the viewer wondering what’s going to happen when the aliens return.

Alex’s Thoughts: This is one of my favorite sci-fi movies.  It’s got something for everyone: action, drama and humor, especially the opening scene with the news footage recapping how the aliens ended up in District 9.  The acting is great, the effects are great, everything you expect from a Peter Jackson film.  I could watch this over and over and find reasons why I like it more every time.

Tim’s Thoughts: I loved this one, and personally I thought all the heavy-handed messaging through the movie was great. To me it came naturally to the story, and without getting political, I think that sometimes  people need to remember how close we still are to some of that intolerance. But back to the film this one is action packed, sad, a bit of black humor and gory as hell. I was really hoping that this or Inglorious Basterds was going to take home an academy award, but as usual the academy sucks and missed a good chance to change their reputation.   This is one I love recommending to people, and will do so here. WATCH IT!!

Final Thoughts: Yeah, it’s a movie about segregation and racial intolerance, and at times that is kind of forced on you, but under that it is a terrific movie.  We try to stay clear of new movies with a lot of hype, but I’m sure some of you have still not seen it.  Stop reading this, put your pants back on and log on to Netflix and watch it right now.

Alex Rates This Movie 10/10

Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

“He was an honest man,  and he didn’t deserve any of what happened to him.” 

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