Release Date: 6/12/2009 – Rated R

Starring: Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2)

Plot Summary: Sam Bell is working alone at a mining facility on the far side of the moon (begin Pink Floyd background music now), with no one but a robot named GERTY, and no live communications to Earth.  He is under contract from his employer, LUNAR, to work at this facility for a three-year stint.  The movie begins with about two weeks left on his contract, and he is ready to get off that rock and back to his wife and daughter.  He suddenly begins not feeling right and having hallucinations.  While out working on the surface he thinks he sees a woman, but ends up crashing his space ride into one of the harvesting machines out there. 

We need to stop with the review because anything else will definitely spoil some good parts, watch it and you’ll understand. 

Alex’s Thoughts:  Totally loved it.  I put off seeing it for a long time despite everyone telling me how great it was, just because the story didn’t sound very exciting; shame on me.  Rockwell is a great actor, and he is pretty much the only actor on-screen for like 99% of the movie and that isn’t a problem in the least.  He plays two totally different versions of the same character and it works great. 

Tim’s Thoughts: There is so much I can’t say about this movie because I don’t want to ruin it, but I was one of the people running around telling all of my friends how good it was, and I still do. This is classic sci-fi at it’s very best, and Sam Rockwell is absolutely amazing. Kevin Spacey was also really good, and throughout the entire movie I never knew what to expect from GERTY but was never disappointed. I had heard about this movie for almost a year before it was released, and almost drove to Chicago to see it, because sometimes South Bend doesn’t get stuff because they have to show Beverly Hills Chihuahua, or Garfield 3 somewhere. Anyways I finally got to see it, and I was blown away. Science fiction fans must see this, Sam Rockwell fans must see this, I wish Academy voters were forced to see this one man show that so few could pull off. Okay, I went a little nuts there, so I am going to go change my pants while you guys go to Netflix and instant view this.

Final Thoughts: Solid science fiction with a morality tale mixed in. Good movie all around, Alex watched it twice the first day he saw it, ‘Nuff Said

Alex Rates This Movie 9/10

Tim Rates This Movie 10/10

“You look like a banana with a yeast infection.”

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