Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Release Date: 5/27/1988 – Rated R

Starring: Grant Cramer (Hardbodies), John Vernon (Animal House)

Plot Summary:  The title sums up the movie outline pretty well; you see there’s these clowns, and they are from outer space see, and they kill people.  That’s about it.  They have come to Earth in their big top tent spaceship to capture humans, encase them in cotton candy and then let them ripen so they can drink their blood… a pretty standard movie plot these days.  The clowns invade a small sleepy town and before the townspeople know what to think about all this crazy shit going on they are all dead.  A group of local teens are the only thing left to prevent the clowns from taking over the world.  They find out that if you shoot a clown in their big red NOSE they explode.  Makes sense, I guess.   The group travels to the big top with the intention of defeating the clowns, only to encounter a big ass 50ft clown.  His nose is popped with a safety-pin and the whole spaceship blows up.  The end.  Based on a true story.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I’ll admit it, I’m afraid of clowns.  Something about the make-up and oversized props just rubs me the wrong way.  The clowns in this movie however are not the least bit scary, they are comically un-proportional in their bodies and look ridiculous, which is the point.  So all you out these suffering from Coulrophobia, don’t worry, we’re not talking Pennywise here.  The movie itself is entertaining on its first viewing; lots of clown chelies (SP?) and the like, and they do a pretty good job with some of the kill scenes.  It’s not too awful, one watch is probably more than enough.

Tim’s Thoughts: For the most part I agree with Alex, the Klowns look really good, but watching it again, I kept noticing mistakes, like the hand lifting the spaceship up at the end. If they would have just made it a straight comedy, or really tried to make it scary I think it would have been a better/more consistent film. I know I just tried to criticize a movie with murderous space Klowns, but I did, so deal with it. A great movie for a Halloween party, but one viewing is enough.  Again the Klowns themselves look really awesome, but I don’t think the director could make up his mind what kind of movie to make.

Final Thoughts:  Lots of unique deaths you aren’t going to see in any other horror movie: acidic cream pies, killer balloon animals and deadly shadow puppets.  The effects aren’t great, but the clown costumes are pretty good for 1988.  It’s ment to be a fun movie, and we think it does a pretty good job at that.

Alex Rates This Movie 6/10

Tim Rates This Movie 5/10

“What’re ya gonna do with those *pies*, boys?”

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