Release Date: 2/6/2009 – Rated PG-13

Starring: Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury), Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Plot Summary:  Four life-long friend and Star Wars fans drive cross country in an attempt to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of Episode I before one of them succumbs to terminal cancer.  They set out from home and run into a variety of misadventures along the way, eventually having to be bailed out of jail by one of their female friends who then joins them for the rest of the trip.  Having finally make to California and broken into the ranch they are only seconds away from watching the movie before they are captured.  After Lucas hears their sad story he decides to let the friend with cancer see it.  We’ve let a lot out but we don’t want to spoil all of the Star Wars references and sight gags for you.

Alex’s Thoughts:  I’m a super Star Wars fan, I’ll admit it;  a good portion of my disposable income goes directly into the Flannel One’s already fat wallet.  Anyone who like the original trilogy will love this movie, prequel haters do not fear, all OT here.  The references, not just to Star Wars, but other Sci-Fi movies as well, are great and very funny to boot.  Seth Rogan and William Shatner’s cameos are great as well.  If you call yourself a nerd, you need to see Fanboys.

Tim’s Thoughts: This movie is a must for Star Wars fans. It’s  a loving tribute not only to the original trilogy, but to the freaks like me who sat around and wondered out loud with my friends not only what was Vader like before, but what happens after Jedi. There are cameos and references galore and the battles with the trekkies (trekkers) are hilarious. I loved this movie for all the Star Wars goodies, and for Kristen Bell in a Princess Leah bikini.

Final Thoughts: We say see it of you like Star Wars in any capacity.  If you hate it, you will probably not enjoy this movie one bit ,as it relys too heavily on Star Wars reference for its comedic deliveries.  Hardcore SW fans probably already own it, but on the slim chance you’ve never seen in, you are in for a treat.

Alex Rates This Movie: 9/10

Tim Rates This Movie: 9/10

“… are you kidding? I’m William Shatner, I can score anything.”

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