The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

Release Date: 8/17/2007 – Rated PG

Starring: Steve Wiebe (Boeing Engineer),  Billy Mitchell (Hot Sauce Creator, Asshole)

Plot Summary:  This documentary follows two men as they battle for the world’s highest Donkey Kong score.  The filmmakers take you inside the world of competitive video gaming; not these Halo competitions you might see on G4 that are played in huge convention centers.  These guys play in run-down skeevy arcades that have had the same games for the last 25 years.  If given the option between seeing a Donkey Kong ‘kill screen’ or a naked woman, most of these guys in this movie would push the woman down to get to the game cabinet.

Our dear friend Billy has had the Donkey Kong high score for decades and that is how he defines his entire life, sad really.  Billy is king of the geeks, the cat’s pajamas, that is until former Boeing engineer Steve Weibe uses his math and engineering degrees to find a pattern in the game and decides he is going to break the record.  We really don’t want to give anything away, but drama ensues.  Will Steve set a new world record or will Billy hold on to his long-standing top score?

Alex’s Thoughts: First off I just like to say that I would enjoy nothing more than to choke the life out of Billy Mitchell with that stupid effing American flag tie.  I enjoyed this movie for what it is: two guys who are passionate about something and doing anything they can to make it happen.  Sadly I don’t feel the same way they do about this particular vintage arcade game, maybe if I were just 3 years older I’d like it more.  If they were playing Rush N’ Attack or Elevator Action I’d have stronger feelings for it.

Tim’s Thoughts: Like Alex I feel the same way about Billy, and I also don’t have the same passion for Donkey Kong, but this movie is gripping right from the start, and the crap Billy Mitchell pulls….you have to see it to believe it. I loved this movie, and have watched it several times. In addition to that I made my wife watch it, and have yelled from the roof for everyone else to see it. I was really surprised at how uplifting this movie was, and by the end of it I learned that a man can overcome his personal demons, and that Billy Mitchell is the Nurse Ratched of video game records.

Final Thoughts: Steve Wiebe is awesome and Billy Mitchell is the douchiest douche bag around, that we can agree 100% on.  This movie is a good watch and there are some pretty intense parts.  If you like video games or popular culture you’ll like this movie.

Alex Rates this Movie: 7/10

Tim Rates this Movie: 9/10

“Daaaaaaaddd…. wipe my butt!”

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