Release Date: 9/15/2008  – Rated R

Starring: Two Dudes You’ve Never Heard Of

Plot Summary: While exploring an abandoned mental hospital, two social retards, Rickie & J.T, discover the body of a girl behind a rusted-shut storage room door.  The girl is somehow alive despite being chained to a gurney and locked in a basement for decades, so J.T. is going to do what any upstanding young man would do in that situation: he’s going to help rape her.  Wait! What?  Rickie wants no part of this and leaves J.T. to knock the dust off that by himself.  J.T. later tells Rickie that because she kept trying to bite him while they were making sweet love, he broke her neck and killed her… only she didn’t die.

(Spoilers) After J.T.’s repeated rapes and his pimping out of Deadgirl to his other friends, Rickie aims to set the girl free.  His attempt is thwarted by J.T. but not before Deadgirl flips out and scratches him.  After a fight with some a-hole jock types, the jocks find out what’s going on and make the nerds take them to the hospital so that they can get their own rape on.  The geeks trick one of the jocks into getting a little more personal with Deadgirl’s mouth.  I bet you’ll never guess what happens… she totally bite off his dong!  Apparently being bit in the dick by a zombie results in you crapping out your colon and 75% of your intestines, because that is what happens to the guy the next day. 

The repeated sexual violation and attempted murders begin to take their toll on Deadgirl, and she just doesn’t seem so fresh anymore; so they decide they need a new Deadgirl.  They kidnap Richie’s crush Joann in hopes of turning her into their next ‘sex slave’ .  Richie, acting like a dick because his friends are going to kill his dream girl, sets Deadgirl  free and she quickly attacks J.T., biting him in the process, but not before J.T.stabs Joann in the back, literally.  J.T. then offers to bite Joann to turn her into a zombie so Rickie can have his own Deadgirl.  Meanwhile there is a crazy naked zombie running amuck in the countryside.  Could we be in store for Deadgirl 2: Deadgirls Gone Wild?

Alex’s Thoughts: Good story, good characters, good effects, but just too damn long.  Lots on unnecessary scenes and other scenes that just drag on forever.  This would have been better as one part of a double feature.  If you have an extra half hour to sit thruough the useless parts, I think it’s worth a watch and you’ll enjoy it if you like a good horror movie.  I’d also like to say that I like how the movie never really explains how Deadgirl ended up down there or what she really is, they leave that up to you.

Tim’s Thoughts: This started off with so much potential, and then kept going, and going and going and going and going, you get the idea. Pretty good  acting and effects for an independent movie, but it would seem not having Big Brother looking over the filmmaker’s shoulder the director was left free to ramble on. This would have been an awesome movie it was about a half an hour shorter.

Alex Rates This Movie: 6/10 (Would be higher, but it just drags on)

Tim Rates This Movie: 6/10 Waaayyyy to0 long of a movie, but has some really rewarding scenes.

“We’ve Got Our Own Pussy Now!”

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