Tim here, I just watched Naked Lunch, an oldie from the early nineties, and my feelings on it are mixed. It was directed by David Cronenberg, and stars the under appreciated Peter Weller.

To give those who don’t know anything about the movie, it is an adaptation of a William S. Burroughs novel that is loosely autobiographical. That being said this movie could have been made by Terry Gilliam, or David Lynch. Burroughs as I understand it, was a lifelong addict that hung out with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerourac. ‘Nuff said.

This Novel was deemed unfilmable, but I would definitely would not call it unwatchable. Weller is convincing as an addict sweating his way through most of the movie, resigned to his fate, which is dictated to him via his typewriter that turns into a big talking bug with a keyboard in its head/mouth. Yes I did just say that a talking bug provides most of the plot and the direction of the movie. Like other drug trip films, you have to sit back and see where it takes you, saving your judgement only till the very end. Before then there is no point in dispensing  judgement. Cronenberg is true to form delivering his standard disturbing and shocking brand of cinema, and while I  don’t claim to really understand this entire plot of this movie, I enjoyed its strangeness immensely.

Check out the trailer, it may help you make up your mind if you want to embark on this bizarre journey.

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